If you don’t have an account, create one.

Once you have logged in go to your design library. If you don’t yet have any designs,
upload the design you wish to enter.

Upload a design in JPG, PNG, or TIF formats, or .AI, .EPS, or .SVG. Artwork should be sized at 150 dpi and, once uploaded, you can use the contest entry page to edit the repeat style of your fabric design. Please proof the size and layout of your design carefully. All contest fabrics will be previewed for voting using the ‘fat quarter’ view, which is at a scale that shows a 21” x 18” representation of fabric. Do not choose the ‘centered’ layout option. Please avoid using non standard characters (accents, non-US-English letters) in your file name.

Pull down the Action menu over the design you wish to enter in the contest, and select Project Selvage under the heading Enter in Contest.

Choose the layout option for your design, then click the button that reads Enter in Contest. If you wish to change the size/dpi of your design or its repeat style, you can do so using the edit option on this page.

If you decide to enter a different design or make changes, you can withdraw a design by following the same steps, then entering a new design.

You can have only one design active in the contest at a time. Once the entry period closes, we will freeze the submitted designs.